Photographer Travels internationally to recapture The Beauty Of Doors And Windows

you may possibly keep in mind a post last year by Andre Vicente Goncalves, a Portuguese computer-scientist-turned-photographer just who journeyed the planet capturing of house windows he after that put together into gorgeous collages.

Not content to stop at windows, the globe-trotting photographer today brings united states another task that is targeted on an alternative subject: doorways.

similar to his previous project, his newest project, named Doors worldwide, uses an equivalent theme by making use of collages to provide his beautifully colorful findings.

we quite often think about doors as something useful, a product necessary to our life only because of what it will for all of us. But this project reminds united states that doorways aren’t just there to be established and shut – they’re also truth be told there to-be admired.

If you like these images after that click to see some fascinating pictures of floors in Barcelona.

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Windows worldwide: Venice





The Alps


The Alps

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